Teaching experience

Fall 2019 University of Rennes 1, France

Teaching Assistant in Fluid Mechanics at the master level.

Fall 2018 University of Rennes 1, France

Teaching Fluid Mechanics at the master level.

2016-2017 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Teaching Assistant for Differential Equations 18.03 (Prof. Laurent Demanet)

2012-2013 Università della Calabria, Italy

Assistant Instructor, undergraduate level


                 General Physics (Prof. A. Greco) 

                 Quantum Mechanics (Prof. A. Sindona)

2008-2011 Université Paris Diderot

Assistant Instructor, undergraduate level



                Basics of informatics and internet

                Mathematics (Prof. M. Courbage)

                Introduction to Physics (Prof. G. Grégoire)

                Physics (Prof. P. Flaud)

                Mechanics (Prof. S. Lerouge)

                Experimental Projects in Physics (Prof. D. Schmaus and Prof. C. Derec)

What students say

``Really helpful! Didn't just go over the problems from the handouts, but actually went over the material and taught it to us, which was great.''

``Great balance of explaining concepts and doing examples. Appreciated how he would sum things up first and then begin example problems.''

``He's really patient and overall great! he does the thing where he gives you time to do the problem before explaining it which gives time to actually get practice for yourself, but it's also low stress if you don't know how to do the problem at all.''

Students of Differential Equations, MIT 18.03, Spring 2017 

``The exercises were developed very accurately, without leaving anything out. Sometimes we read short excerpts from books, in order to catch the philosophy of what we were going to study. Dr. Pucci tried to involve everyone by asking us to go to the blackboard and do the exercises together.''

Student of Quantum Mechanics, University of Calabria, Fall 2012

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