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Teaching experience

Università della Calabria, Italy

Spring 2022 and 2023

Teaching Assistant  for Projects in Experimental Physics 

developed as part of the class "Laboratory of Mechanics and Thermodynamics".

Bachelor students in Physics.

Fall 2021 and 2022

Teaching Assistant  for Projects in Experimental Physics 

developed as part of the class on Scientific Data Acquisition and Processing.

Master students in Physics.

2021 and 2022

Macroscopic Quantum Analogs

Ph.D. students in Physical, Chemical, Materials Sciences and Technologies


Spring 2021

Assistant Instructor in Electricity and Magnetism

Electronic Engineering, undergraduate level.

Université Rennes 1, France

Fall 2019 and 2020

Assistant Instructor of Fluid Mechanics.

Master in Fundamental Physics.

Fall 2018 

Instructor of Fluid Mechanics.

Master in Fundamental Physics.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Spring 2017

Teaching Assistant of Differential Equations 18.03.

Undergraduate level.

Università della Calabria, Italy


Assistant Instructor in Physics

Engineering, undergraduate level.

Assistant Instructor in Quantum Mechanics

Materials Science, undergraduate level.

Université Paris Diderot, France



Assistant Instructor at the undergraduate level in:

                Basics of informatics and internet


                Introduction to Physics



                Experimental Projects in Physics

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