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Topologically non-equivalent textures generated by the nematic electrohydrodynamics

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

G. Pucci, F. Carbone, G. Lombardo, C. Versace and R. Barberi. Topologically non-equivalent textures generated by the nematic electrohydrodynamics. Liq. Cryst. (2019).

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Some classes of nematic liquid crystals can be driven through turbulent regimes when forced by an external electric field. In contrast to isotropic fluids, a turbulent nematic exhibits a transition to a stochastic regime that is characterised by a network of topological defects. We study the deformations arising after the electric field has been switched-off. In contrast to the turbulent regime, the relaxation of this topological-defect regime involves the annihilation of an interlacement of defect lines. We show that these defect lines separate regions of the nematic having topologically non-equivalent textures.

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